Success Stories

Calscan Energy Ltd.

Henri Tessier is an instrumentation and measurement expert. He has been working in the field in the oil and gas sector for over thirty years. In 2003, Henri’s previous company hired Calscan Services Ltd. to design a flow computer that would operate with Henri’s instrumentation to be used on coal bed methane wells. In 2007, Henri sold his company and together with three of the five Calscan Services Ltd. shareholders, formed Calscan Energy Ltd.

Clearstone Enineering Ltd.

Dave Picard had a choice to make; he could go back to school for his PhD or set up his own business. He chose the path of entrepreneurship and went on to build a highly specialized international engineering consulting company where academics excel. Dave did not use a conventional sales team to build his company; rather he leveraged his expertise, reputation and network.

Earth Drilling Co. Ltd.

You could say that drilling was genetically programmed into John Paul Wegleitner (JP), Lara Lukacs and Nicole Gourlie early in their lives. The three siblings grew up in a drilling family. Their father, Garry Wegleitner, owned and operated Beck Drilling & Environmental Services (Beck).

Sulphur Experts Inc.

To this day, the textbook, seminars and sector expertise are Sulphur Experts’ primary international marketing tools. John Sames, who took over the Process Analytical Group of Western Research and became Sulphur Experts first President and Chief Executive Officer, has established that almost every job completed over the last 20 years can be traced back to an attendee of one of these seminars.

Sulphuric Group Inc.

Brimrock Group Inc. started by offering consulting services primarily as a means to pay the bills. Their real passion was to become a technology company. Les Lang and John MacDonald both felt that the industry was using outdated technology and there was an opportunity to make significant improvements by using off-the-shelf technology in new ways. As John says, “We had the knowledge and the opportunity to bring the industry into the 21st century.”

TRIUM Environmental Inc.

TRIUM Environmental Inc. experienced early success providing contaminated site assessments and remediation consulting services to the oil and gas sector. Both BJ and Jevins found themselves frustrated with the existing technology available for soil remediation. These technologies consistently underperformed and never met the customers’ requirements. In response to this technology gap, TRIUM transitioned from a consulting company into a technology company that now licenses its remediation technology around the world.

Enviro Vault Canada Ltd.

Like many rural Alberta kids, Russ Hebblethwaite grew up darning his own socks and mending his own clothes. This instilled a resolute commitment in Russ to put those days behind him forever; it has both motivated him and governed a lot of what he has done over his career. His energy and desire to do a good job has succeeded in getting him noticed.

Environmental Refuelling Systems Inc.

Scott Van Vliet had been “cowboying,” marketing cattle and selling beef throughout North and South America for fifteen years before he made an abrupt career change that took him on a path that would see him change the way that large remote projects procure, store, and manage their fuel supply.

Global Analyzer Systems Ltd.

Brian Rosentreter joined Global Analyzer Services Ltd. shortly after finishing university. The possibility of ownership and shaping his own destiny drew Brian to the company. The company’s owner, Glenn Sabo made it clear that an ownership position was a possibility. Brian knew, respected and trusted the company’s owner Glenn Sabo.

Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.

Sean Frisky always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur – he wanted to work for himself. He had several small businesses as a youth that helped pay his way through University. In 1998, he was 29 years old and undertaking a co-op work term as part of his fourth year engineering degree, when he saw a market opportunity he could not walk away from.

Hifi Engineering Inc.

It has been over eleven years since John Hull first mused whether fiber optic sensors could be used in the oil and gas sector. An electrical engineer by education, John was working at Schlumberger as a wireline logging engineer. Part of his job was to test for casing failures and surface casing vent flows on abandoned wells.

Katch Kan Limited

Quinn Holtby did not grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur. He was living away from home but his mother, who owned the local restaurant, saw the dangers of working on a drilling rig. Customers would come in with a variety of injuries to their hands, arms and legs. She forbade Quinn to work on a drilling rig. The day Quinn turned 18 he started working as a roughneck for Baltic Drilling, the same company as his brother-in-law.

Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

When Brent Zettl incorporated Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS) in 1988 as a university student, he never imagined he would become Canada’s most recognized medical marijuana grower. Brent, halfway through his agricultural degree, was already looking at school projects as possible agricultural business opportunities. He had a strong desire to be his own boss.

Rockland Scientific International Inc.

Rolf Lueck has been a scientist specializing in ocean turbulence for more than thirty years and was, until 2005, a professor of oceanography at the University of Victoria. As part of his research, he built turbulence profiler instruments for both his own use and for a few other academic researchers. At that time, there were no commercial sources for the equipment used to measure turbulence in lakes and oceans.

Roke Technologies Ltd.

Hermann Kramer is a tall, understated man. When asked what sparked his drive to acquire Roke Technologies Ltd. in 2008, he simply says,“I stumbled upon it.” When you dive further into the question you quickly learn how understated that response is.

Sirius Instrumentation & Controls Inc.

In 2003, Terry Moffatt agreed to act as a mentor and business partner to help his good friend Tim Hearn turn Tim’s product concept into a business. Terry, a serial entrepreneur, had success with his first entrepreneurial venture, PROMORE Engineering Inc., which he sold in 2000. Terry was just starting two other ventures, Wireline Works and Galleon Well Servicing, but felt he had the time to help out.

TCB Welding and Construction Ltd.

At an early age both Jody and Bill Sewall knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs, primarily so that they could work for themselves. Their paths to entrepreneurialism took dramatically different routes but ultimately brought them together to form TCB Welding and Construction Ltd. (TCB), which today is one of Brooks’s largest welding and manufacturing shops. They employ over 40 staff and generate revenues of just over $11 million.

Tesera Systems Inc.

In 1993, Bruce MacArthur was hired by a nonprofit organization to head up a research and development project, funded through the Government of Canada’s Model Forest Program – Canada’s commitment from the Rio Earth Summit. The project was both a social experiment and a technical challenge.

TinyEYE Therapy Services

Greg Sutton had always known he wanted to be an entrepreneur, in fact he had started a few ventures early on. In 2002 he moved to Saskatchewan to become the CEO of the Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association (SATA); essentially a chamber of commerce for technology companies. Here he thought he would either learn how to start a tech company or alternatively, join an existing company looking to commercialize their technology.