Technology Commercialization

At CETAC-WEST, we strive to work with all small businesses, regardless of their stage of commercial development. After the SMEs pass the initial eligibility process and present CETAC-WEST with a promising project opportunity, programs are catered to each of their specific needs.

What you can gain

  • Improvement of business strategy
  • Development of business skills
  • Expansion of your professional network
  • Advisory support
  • Diffusion of knowledge

How we help your small business:

Environmental Business Opportunity (EBO) Evaluations
An EBO is an objective, third party review of the SME’s opportunity. It is an evaluation of the status and progress the client has made in four areas – market niche identification and development, technology development, financing and management. The objective of the EBO is to determine what clients have accomplished in each of those areas and what has not been addressed. The outcome is an eight to ten page document that serves as a “due diligence” and a basis to move forward with the client.

Round Table Discussions
After completion of the EBO, CETAC-WEST organizes a Round Table for the client. Round Tables are meetings of 10 to 15 participants, with a specific focus determined by the EBO, usually market verification or strategy. Therefore, most Round Tables are either Industry Round Tables, in which the guests are potential customers of the client, or Management Round Tables, in which the guests are business mentors. The outcome of the Round Table is an improved strategy and an action plan for next steps.