Stay informed with our seasonal publication, the CETAC focus. Our clients are our top priority and we build on this opportunity to provide you with a new Clean Technology Choice in each feature, highlighting the innovative products that they have successfully introduced to the market.

Here, you will also have the chance to learn more about CETAC-WEST’s programs; as well as up-to-date announcements of recent and upcoming events.

CETAC focus – Issue 8 – Spring 2015

The legacy of the CETAC-WEST Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop continues. This year’s session, held in the Banff Centre’s magnificent Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation, included approximately 70 people who came from across Canada and one who came from Holland. Joe Lukacs and Blaine Lee, with their inimitable and unique blend of knowledge, experience and generosity, guided this 19th anniversary session in March.
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CETAC focus – Issue 7 – Summer 2014

The CETAC-West program has equal or better rates of success for its participants than similar world class Entrepreneurial Support Programs (ESP) offered at prestigious institutions. A paper from Dr. Geoff Gregson from the University of Edinburgh Business School titled An International Comparison of Programmes Supporting New Enterprise: How does CETAC-WEST Measure Up?

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CETAC focus – Issue 6 – Winter 2013

Darryl West of Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc. discusses the “Power Pod”- a clean and reliable power alternative for applications in off grid remote locations. This issue also sheds light on services offered by the Energy Resources Conservation Board that can accelerate the deployment of new SME technologies.

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CETAC focus – Issue 5 – Fall 2012

The manufacturing team at Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. continue in their mission to pave the road of innovation with in situ remediation technologies. The Fall 2012 Clean Technology Choice article describes some of their prominent products- the Electrical Separation Cell (ESC) and the ELECTROPURE system; which earned Ground Effects a high profile Royal visit from His Royal Highness Prince Charles during his recent visit to Saskatchewan.

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CETAC focus – Issue 4 – Spring 2012

This issue’s Clean Technology Choice enlightens readers about CalScan Energy’s unique Bear Control System- a new alternative for well heads that eliminates the need for using pneumatic controls that operate off of fuel gas. Recipients of the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Alumni Achievement Awards, and the “Joda” Award are also announced from CETAC-WEST’s Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop recently held in Banff, Alberta.

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CETAC focus – Issue 3 – Winter 2012

Alberta-based Enviro Vault Canada Ltd. is featured as the CETAC focus’ Clean Technology Choice. By maintaining focus on environmental stewardship and safety, they set a new standard for tank storage design with the DuoVault which incorporates the Enviro Vault system in a tank-in-tank design. Leading up to the Workshop, repeat attendee Ian Dowsett also reflects on how CETAC-WEST’s Entrepreneur to CEO Workshop accelerated his professional success.

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CETAC focus – Issue 2 – Fall 2011

CETAC-WEST celebrates their receipt of a three-year renewable funding commitment from the Government of Canada, thanks to the efforts of five clients who approached former Environment Minister Jim Prentice with firsthand accounts of CETAC-WEST’s positive impact on their businesses. Jody and Bill Sewall of TCB Welding also explain why their passion for community, quality workmanship, and a strong mentoring program have all been instrumental in the growth of their company.

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CETAC focus – Issue 1 – Summer 2011

The premier issue celebrates the Friends of CETAC raising over $100,000 in donations, enabling CETAC-WEST to further assist clients with its core services. Sean Frisky of Ground Effects Environmental Inc. is also featured as a CETAC Star. The 2011 “Entrepreneur of the Year” explains how he was introduced to CETAC-WEST, and the obstacles he overcame to eventually become a leader in the fracking industry.

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