Integrated Gas Plant Audit Program

In 2001, CETAC-WEST gained the support of the Upstream Oil and Gas (UOG) industry, the service sector, and governments to pioneer the application of energy efficiency principles to the UOG industry. It then planned and managed the implementation of a $10 million pilot program to identify opportunities for, and to encourage adoption of, systematic energy efficiency practices in the industry. The program pioneered the development of “integrated energy audits” which have been implemented in over 20 representative UOG facilities by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

Details on the study can be downloaded here: Energy Conservation Solutions in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Two key components of the pilot project that were largely responsible for its success included, 1) a focus on independent on-site measurement and verification of process unit efficiency and integration of results; and

2) involving plant personnel and sharing results with operations staff to transfer knowledge and obtain their buy-in. The program demonstrated that significant improvement in energy efficiency could be achieved through operational and maintenance improvements alone.

Significant opportunities were also identified for the application of best available technology which, if implemented, would significantly reduce both energy consumption and GHG emissions. To put this into perspective, it was conservatively estimated that implementation of individual process unit Best Management Practices would reduce fuel gas consumption by 10%. The associated reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could be 4.5 Mt annually through improved operation of existing technology. This could increase to 10 Mt annually by with the application of new technologies.