Eco Efficiency

In 2001/2002 CETAC-WEST began delivering its Eco-Efficiency Program for the Upstream Oil and Gas industry. The objective of the program was to help connect SMEs that are developing clean technology with industry partners looking to operate more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact.

CETAC-WEST collaborates with teams of SMEs to deliver its Eco-Efficiency services to the major upstream oil & gas and oil sands producers. This has led to a unique positioning for CETAC-WEST, with relationships with both the technology developers and the users (the industry). As a result, CETAC is able to bring SME clients together with their potential customers from the UOG. CETAC-WEST has done this through services including Round Tables, Technology Demonstrations and Eco-Efficiency Workshops held as part of the Eco- Efficiency Programs.

Major outcomes of CETAC’s Eco- Efficiency Program are:

  • Clean Technology Demonstrations
  • Integrated Gas Plant Audit Program
  • Fuel Gas Best Management Practices
  • Energy Efficiency Workshops